What happens when you bring together two (or more!) outstanding professors, from completely different disciplines, and one BIG IDEA? Add a room full of bright Berkeley undergraduates and let the spirited discussions begin! See for yourself in this video.

Spring 2018 Big Ideas Courses

Art and Activism
Tamara Roberts (Music) Cecilia Lucas (International and Area Studies)

Climate Change and the Future of California
David Ackerly (Integrative Biology) Whendee Silver (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management) David Sedlak (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Steve Weissman (Law)

Collaborative Innovation
Sara Beckman (Haas School of Business) Sean San Jose (Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies) Lisa Wymore (Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies) Takming Chuang (Art Practice)

Crowds and Clouds
Cori Hayden (Anthropology) Julia Bryan-Wilson (Art Practice) Anne Walsh (History of Art)

Magic, Religion and Science
Rita Lucarelli (Near Eastern Studies) Maria Mavroudi (History)

Sense and Sensibility and Science
Saul Perlmutter (Physics) John Campbell (Philosophy) Tania Lombrozo (Psychology)

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